**   deer resistant plants

**Berberis (Barberries)

**Golden Carousel- height  4’-5’, spread 3’-4’, Golden leaves with a tint of red,  bright red fall color, leaves hold yellow color best with afternoon shade in hot summer areas. Zone 4 hardy
#2 -  $26.00

**Crimson Pygmy
-  height 2’, spread 2’-3’, deep red leaves on compact plant, orange red fall color, place in full sun for best leaf color, zone 4 hardy
#1-  $12.99


**Ruby Carousel-

Height 3’-4’, spread 4’, outstanding red-purple leaf color, best in full sun, fall color red-purple, zone 4 hardy
#2-  26.00

**Rose Glow- An attractive sport of red leaf barberry with new growth variegated pink and dark red.  Height 3’-4’, Spread2’-3’. Best  in full sun.  Zone 4 hardy.
#1-  out                  #2-  $26.00

**Buddleia davidii (Butterfly bush)

**Black Knight- Dark purple flowers in mid- summer through Sept.            .
Height 4’’-6’, spread 4’-6’, Sometimes called a summer lilac because the blossoms resemble lilac flowers, are fragrant, and attract butterflies, zone 5

**Pink Delight- Rich pink, fragrant flowers, Height 5’-6’, spread 5’-6’,

**Nanho Blue- Fragrant, showy mauve/blue panicles 4” to 6” long, height 6’-8’, width 4’-5’

**Summer Rose- Fragrant mauve/rose panicles, large flowers, up to 12’, height 4’-5’, width 4’-5
#3-  $24.95

**Callicarpa dichotoma (Beautyberry)

Issai- New cultivar from Japan, compact growth habit, delicate pink flowers in spring, lavender/purple berries along stems in late summer, height 3’-4’, width 3’-4’, zone 5
#3- $24.00

Cornus alba (Variegated Dogwood)

Ivory Halo- A Bailey Nursery Introduction, a compact selection of  variegated dogwood,5’-6’ high, 5’-6’ wide, leaves are brightly variegated and stems are red during the winter, zone 3,
#3         24″               out                                           

Cornus sericea (Red Osier Dogwood)

Red Osier Dogwood- Grows well in damp locations, Bright red stems in winter,

#1 pot             $9.00                  #5 pot                $26.00


**Cotinus coggygria (Smoke tree)

**Royal Purple- Height 8’-10’, width 8’-10’,Dark purple foliage, fine textured beige flowers in summer look smokey when in bloom, fall color reddish/purple, xeriscape plant, zone 5
#2             12 “               $29.99

**Cotoneaster dammeri- (Spreading Cotoneaster) -  Height 10” spread 7’, an excellent low spreading ground cover, semi evergreen, shiny foliage, small pink flowers produce ½” bright red berries which persist through the winter, zone 5 hardy
#1- $10.99 

Euonymus Alatus Compactus (Dwarf Burning Bush) A compact growing form of burning bush, height 5’ width 5’, outstanding red fall color, zone 4 hardy
#1 pot            $15.99                                                                       #3-  $38.99


**Fiesta- Foliage is variegated green and yellow, golden yellow flowers in spring, height 3’-4’ spread4’-5’, zone 4 hardy

@3-         $27.99                                    

**Northern Gold- An outstanding variety of forsythia with flower buds hardy to zone 3, height 6’-8’ width 5’-7’

BR.-           out

B.R.                      out

#4 pot                                         $28.99

**Northern sun- Bright yellow flowers even after -30 F temperatures, flowers before leafing with large clear yellow flowers ,height 8’-10’ width 7’-9’, zone 4

#3 pot                 12″-18″                  $28.99

**Hamamelis vernalis (Witch Hazel)

**Vernal Witch Hazel- Small ribbon –like yellow  or slightly red, fragrant flowers open in early spring or late winter, sun makes them open and cold temps cause them to close, sun or shade, zone 5

Hibiscus seriacus (Rose of Sharon)

Aphrodite- Dark pink flowers with a dark red eye, height 8’ width 8, zone 5’

Minerva- lavender with a hint of pink, red eye, 8’x8’, zone 5

Helene- Large white with bright red eye, 8’x8’, zone 5

8”   BR.- out                     #7-   $32.99

Hydrangea macrophylla

Endless Summer- a new variety with the ability to bloom on new and old wood, a mop-head flower that is 8”, pink in alkaline soils or blue in acid soils, best of all this new variety is zone 4 hardy, 3’-5’x3’-5’
#3 pot             $28.00

Nikko Blue- an old standby mop-head variety which turns blue in acid conditions, best in shade, 5’x5’, zone 5 hardy
#1 pot              $15.99

PeeGee- A sun loving variety that produces large conical white flowers in July and Aug., flowers turn pink toward the end of blooming, 8’x10’, zone 3
B.R.               out                              #5 pot                  $38.99

Pink Diamond- Very large flowers (12”x8”) which open in late summer to a creamy white and becoming rich pink in late summer, best in sun,6’x6’, zone 3 hardy
$5 pot                24″               $38.99


4’-6’ height 3’-5’ width, blooms in July with 4”-10” panicles that become white and later turn pink in late summer, best in full  sun, fall foliage is reddish-purple, zone 5 hardy

#4 pot             $26.99

Illex verticullata (Deciduous Holly)

Afterglow- female holly which gets loaded with abundant bright red ¼” berries that persist all winter, height 3’-5’ width 3’-5’, requires pollination, suggest Jim Dandy,
zone 4

#4 pot             out

Jim Dandy- 3-’5’ height 3’-5’ width,  dark green foliage, male

#4 pot             out

**Kerria  Japonica Pleniflora

**Globe Flower- An old time favorite, grows in sun or shade, bushy. pendulous  bright green stems, attractive in the winter, double  gold 2” flowers along the stems resembling small carnations, blooms in April, height  4’-5’ width 6’-9’, zone 5

#2        pot          $18,99

**Kolkwitzia amabilis- (Beautybush)
Exfoliating bark during winter makes for interest in the landscape, masses of pale pink bell shaped flowers in early June, fall color is reddish, plant in shade or sun, grows and prospers anywhere, 6’-8’ tall 6’-8’ wide, zone 5


     Philadelphus   Lewisii- The Idaho State Flower, Sometimes called Syringa, A single form of Mockorange, bright white fragrant flowers in mid- June, height 5’-6’ width 5’-6’, blooms for 4 weeks, zone 3 hardy

B.R.             12″-18″      $6.50

#2 pot              18″-24″          22.00

Minnesota Snowflake- an outstanding variety with 2” bright white doubled, fragrant flowers, height 6’-8’ width 5’-6’, zone 4

**Physocarpus- Ninebark

Center Glow- Very bright red leaves with new growth bright yellow, creamy white flowers in spring, plant in full sun for best foliage colors,8’-10’ tall 8’-10’ wide, zone 3

#5 pot            4′-5′                  $28.00

Summer Wine- Red/Purple foliage, pinkish-white flowers in mid- summer,  more compact than Diabolo,  5’-6’ tall 5’-6’ wide, best foliage in full sun,  zone 3 hardy
#3- $28.00

**Potentilla  fruticosa

**Gold Drop- An old time variety,  7/8” lemon yellow blossoms all summer long, 2’-3’ tall 2’-3’ wide, zone 2

**Goldfinger- Showy gold 1 ½” flowers all summer, compact display of golden flowers makes this Potentilla  an outstanding variety, 3’ tall 3’-4’ wide,  zone 2

#1 pot        out                #2  pot        $16.99

Rhododendron Spp

English Roseum- pink, 5’-6’ tall, -25 F

Catawbiense Boursault- purple,  5’-6’ tall, -25 F


Nova Zembla- red, 4’-5’ tall, -25 F
#3-  $38.00



Golden Lights Azalea- The same trusses of flowers as Rhododendrons on a deciduous azalea, golden, fragrant 2” florets in mass display, can be planted in sun or shade, resistant to mildew,   -35 F  hardy, flowers in May to June, fall color is red,  zone 4 +, 4’-5’ tall 4’ wide

#4 pot            $42.00

Northern Hi-Lights- 2” florets in trusses of white with yellow blotch, very fragrant, burgundy fall foliage, -35 F hardy , zone 4 +, 4’-5’ tall 5’ wide

#4 pot         $42.00


Rosy Lights- Dark rose/pink, 2” florets in trusses, very fragrant flowers in late May or Early June, -45 F hardy, 4’-5’ tall 5’-6’ wide

#4 pot            $42.00


Big Pumpkin- Orange, large flowers in May, 5’ x 5’, zone 5

Mollala Red- The best red in deciduous azaleas, large flowers in May, thank you Ivan Arnesen for this outstanding variety, 5’ x5’, zone 5


**Rhus (Sumacs)

**Tiger  Eyes- Golden leaves during the growing season with rosy pink stems, deeply cut leaves produce a fine texture6’ tall 6’ wide size is in bounds more than  other sumacs, fall colors of yellow, orange and scarlet are outstanding, Gold Medal Plant Winner 2007, zone 4 hardy

**Sambucus canadensis (Elderberry)

**Black Beauty- Dark purple, almost black leaves are an excellent background for the white/pink flowers later to become reddish/black berries, 8’-10’ tall 8’-10’ wide, very attractive specimen plant, zone 5
#3-  $28.00


**Goldmound- Golden foliage with a red tinge all summer, clusters of pink flowers in June/July,  great border plant, height 18’’-34” width 2’-3’, zone 3
#4-  $19.00                     #5 – $26.00

**Golden Princess- New growth emerges with red tinge later turning bright yellow, does not fade in summer heat, bright pink flowers in summer, 18”-24” tall 2’-3’ wide
           #3  pot          $22.00

**Neon Flash- A new summer blooming spirea that is loaded with bright cherry/red flower clusters most of the growing season, height 3’ width 3’, zone 4 hardy
#3-  $22.00

White flowers cover this low growing spring blooming spirea, 3’-4’x3’-4’, blooms slightly later than other spring  spirea, zone 4
#3-  $28.99

**Prunifolia (Bridalwreath Spirea)- An old time favorite with double white flowers, blooms in early spring profusely covering the plant before leaves appear, height 6’-8’ x 6’-8’, zone 4
#4-  $28.99

**Vanhouttei (Renaissance Spirea)- A disease resistant variety of Vanhouttei spireas, blooms in early spring with single white flowers covering the plant, fall foliage is orange/red, height 5’-7’ width 6’-8’, zone 3
#3 pot -      $28.99

Syringa (Lilacs)

Miss Canada- The brightest pink of all late flowering lilacs, non-suckering plant blooms in mid-June with single rose florets and medium size panicles, height 6’-9’ width 5’-8’, hardy zone 2
#4-  $28.00

Miss Kim- Purple buds open to pale lilac single, fragrant flowers,  blooms after other lilacs have finished, burgundy/red fall color, height 6’-7’ width 5’-6’, zone 3
#4-  $28.00

Charles Joly- One of the best earlier French hybrid lilacs, medium size, fragrant, magenta flowers that are double, buds are dark purple, 10’ x 10’, zone 3
#4-  $28.00

Monge- A French hybrid that has showy, fragrant  panicles of single red-purple florets, flowers are on long stems and make great cut flowers, height 10’-12’ width 8’-12’, zone 3

Montaigne- An early French hybrid introduction, high quality, fragrant, double, pale lilac-pink flowers, blossoms are on long stems for cut flowers,  10’ x 10’, zone 3

#4 -$28.00                                    

President Lincoln- The truest blue of all lilacs, single medium blue, fragrant  flowers, 10’ x 10’, zone 3
15” BR.-  $16.99                    #4 pot              $28.00

Sensation- Purple florets with a distinctive pure white border, blossoms are medium size and fragrant, 8’ x 8’, zone 3
12” BR.-  $16.99                                    #4-  $28.00


Yankee Doodle- One of the deepest and darkest purple, profuse bloomer of single, large, fragrant flowers, 8’ x 8’, zone 3
#4-  $28.00                    #4      $28.00



**Compact  Cranberrybush- A strain of Cranberrybush which is more compact, single white flowers followed by persistent scarlet fruit that hangs on until spring for wildlife, 5’ x 5’, zone 3
#4- $24.00

**Dwarf Doublefile Viburnum-  A compact form with showy snowball –like flower clusters in spring, dark green foliage turns burgundy in fall, 4’-5’ tall 3’ wide, zone 5

**Opulus sterile (Snowball bush)- The most popular of the viburnums,  8’-10’ tall 6’-8’ wide, 3” pure white round flowers, red fall color, zone 4
# 5- $24.00

**Weigela florida

**Wine & Roses- Dark burgundy –purple foliage and rosy-pink tubular flowers in early summer, Gold medal winner 2000, 4’-5’ tall 34’-5’ wide, best foliage in full sun, zone 5 maybe zone 4
#3-  26.99

**Carnival- A mixture of pink, white, and red flowers  on the same plant, a long bloomer,4’-5’ tall 3’-5’ wide, zone 4


Variegated- Pale yellow and creamy white leaves are very showy, Flowers are deep rose pink, compact grower, 4’-6’ tall 6’-8’ wide, zone 5


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