Flowering Trees



Eastern RedbudL.S./N.S.  Small rosy pink flowers cover the stems in early spring, flowering occurs before leafing, leaves are 4” and heart shaped, an outstanding flowering tree,25’ x 25’, zone 4


‘Forest Pansy’- A great flowering tree for all season interest, rosy pink flowers cover the stems in early spring, new leaves are 4”, heart shaped, and dark purple, an outstanding small tree for our area, 25’ x 25’, zone 5

5/8″           5′-6′            $79.00            #7 pot

3/4″            6′-7′ tall            $89.00             #7 pot

Cornus florida (Eastern Flowering Dogwood)

Cherokee Chief- The best red  flowering dogwood on the market,  deep pinkish/red bracts, new growth reddish, strong grower, 15’ x 15’, zone 5, all the C. florida flower before leafing, red fall foliage

#3 pot                  3-4′                     $69.00

#7 pot                  6’-7’-                  $110.00

Cherokee Brave-  A new patented dogwood with darker red flowers than Cherokee Chief, red new growth, blooms before leafing, 15’ x 15’, zone 5

#3 pot                     4-5”                     $79.00

#7                  6’-7’-                  $110.00

Rubra- A standard pink dogwood, flower color is an apple blossom pink (light pink), strong growimg, 15’ x 15’, zone 5, red fall foliage

#5 pot             4′-5′                   $79.00

#7 pot          6’-7’                  $11000

Cloud Nine- Extremely prolific variety, white petals are oval and overlappimg giving the blossoms a pleasing disc-like effect, 15’ x 15’, zone 5, red fall foliage

#3 pot                  3′-4′                     $69.00

#7 pot                  6’-7’                  $110.00

Cornus x Rutgan (Rutgers hybrids)

‘Stellar Pink’- One of the Rutgers Hybrids that are a cross between the Cornus florida and  Cornus kousa,  a reddish pink flower with pointed petals are about 3” across, flowering occurs after leafing, resistant to anthracnose, faster growth habit, 20’ x 20’,  zone 5, red fall color

#3 pot                     3′-4′                       $69.00

#7 pot                  5’ -6′                   $110.00

Cornus kousa (Chinese dogwood)

Heart throb- A deep red dogwood that flowers after leafing and later than the C. florida, faster in growth habit , 20’ x 20’, red fruit form in September, resists anthracnose, zone 5, red fall color

#3pot                   3′-4′                    $69.00

#7pot                 6′-7′                    $110.00

Crataegus (Hawthorns)

Thornless Cockspur Hawthorn-  A thornless variety with dark green leathery, shiny foliage, 2” clusters of small white flowers in late spring, ½ red fruit are persistent and become wildlife food in early spring, very adaptable and drought tolerant, 25’ x 25’, zone 4

13/4”                  6’-8’                  $89.00                #10 pot

Toba Hawthorn- A very hardy tree, neat growth habit, fragrant double white flowers fade to pink, red  ½” persistent fruit, 20’ x 20’, zone 3

1”                  6’-8’                  $89.00            #7 pot

‘Pauls Scarlet’- Brilliant colored double scarlet flowers in mid-late spring, the showiest of all the hawthorns, very drought tolerant, 22’ x22’, zone 4

1”                  6’-8’                  $79.00             #10 pot

Crimson Cloud- Bright red flowers with a bright white center, resistant to leaf spot, bright red ½” persistent fruit, 25’ x25’, drought tolerant, zone 4

1”                  6’-8’                  $79.00               #7 pot

Fagus sylvatica (Beeches)

Roseo-marginata Tri color Beech-  Even though this beautiful tree is not valued for it’s flowers, we still consider it in the flowering tree category, purple-bronze leaves with irregular margins of rose, pink and cream colors, 30’ x 20’, zone 5


Purple Weeping Beech- Slow growing without a central leader, it’s weeping habit forms a broad purple dome, a magnificent specimen tree, 10’ tall 15’ wide, dark purple leaves are almost black, zone 5


Hydrangae paniculata- L.S./N.S.

PHANTOM- Incredible large white flowers in late summer that turn to a rich pink, trained on a standard to make a small tree, will  attain 8’ x 8’, prefers full sun, an excellent focal point plant, zone 4

                           B.R.        4′-6′          $99.00

Koelreuteria (Goldenrain tree)- L.S./N.S.

An impressive tree in midsummer when it is covered with foot long clusters of bright yellow flowers, one of the few trees that bloom at this time of year, 30’ x 30’, zone 5

B.R.                   6′-8′                  $49.00

Laburnum (Goldenchain tree)

Vossii Goldenchain tree- By far the most spectacular of all the Laburnums for it’s longer racemes of rich yellow flowers, flowers remind you of wisteria blossoms, foliage dark green, 25’ x 20’, zone 5

#7 pot                  1 ½”                  6’-8’                  $79.00

Magnolia- L.S./N.S. 

Ann- A  tulip magnolia with large reddish flowers, zone 5

Susan- Tulip magnolia with large purple flowers, zone 5

#5 pot                4′                                         $79.00

Galaxy-  Large dark purple cup,  zone 5, fragrant, easy to grow 15′ x 15′, sometimes called                                                                                              tulip tree

6′-7′               #7 pot                $78.00


Royal Star- Pure white flowers are larger than the species and nearly twice as many petals, Often considered the best stellata cultivar, 15’ x 10’, zone 5

#4 pot              36″         whip                     $79.00

#7 pot                         3′x4′                          $79.00

Rustica Rubra- Large rose red flowers with a whitish interior, 20’ x 20’, zone 5


Butterflies-  Large tulip shaped blossoms , good yellow, zone 5

4′             #5 pot                   $79.00

Malus (Flowering Crabapple)

Dolgo - One of the hardiest and earliest of the crabapples to bloom, pink buds open to large fragrant white blossoms, abundant 1 ½” bright red fruit ripen in mid-summer and are edible, excellent for jams and jellies, 30’ x 20’, zone 3

5′-6′                           #7 pot.                         $69.00

Firebird- A compact rounded form becoming spreading, red buds open to white fragrant flowers, persistent red fruit, very disease resistant,  9’ x 12’,  grafted on non-suckering rootstock, zone 3

#7 pot                patio tree                              $79.00

Indian Summer- Flowers are rose-red and fruit 5/8”, bright red and persistent, foliage emerges with a purple tint in spring and turns dark green  in summer, good disease resistance, 18’ x 20’, zone 4

#7 pot                    5′-6′                                 $79.00

One of the best red leafed crabapples, Prairifire has impressive landscape impact, long lasting bright red flowers and excellent red  ½” fruit, excellent disease resistance, 20’ x 20’, zone 4


Royalty- one of the darkest purple leafed crabapples, flowers are almost the same color as the leaves (crimson), Dark red fruit, 15’ x 15’, zone 4

#7 pot                                    5’-6’                                    $79.00

Royal Beauty- A weeping crabapple, 12’ x 8’, an elegant small weeping tree with deep reddish/pink flowers, reddish bronze leaves, dark red fruit remain on tree and become wildlife food, non suckering rootstock, zone 3

#7 pot                                  5′-6′ #1                                $79.00

Royal Raindrops-  Bright pinkish/red flowers produce ¼”  persistent red fruit, attractive cutleaf purple  foliage, excellent disease resistance, 15’ x 20’, non-suckering rootstock, zone 4

#7 pot                                         6′                                 $79.00


Show Time- Upright rounded form, an exciting new crabapple with bright fuchsia red blooms, wine tinted foliage, fruit turns cherry red in fall and last well into winter, 20’ x 20’, non-suckering rootstock, zone 4

#7 pot                                         6′                              $79.00

Spring Snow- Featuring pure white flowers and no fruit, a great tree to use where flowers are desired and no fruit wanted, 25’ x 25’, zone 4

#7 pot                           6′-7′                  $79.00

Physocarpus opulifolius (Ninebark)- L.S./N.S.

Center Glow- Tree form, 1’ x 8’, Dark burgundy leaves  in full sun, flower buds are light pink opening to clusters of white flowers,  provides an accent of color in the landscape for the entire growing season, zone 3

#7 pot                        5’ tall    8’ x 8’                   $79.00

Summer Wine- This improved tree form of ninebark has neat compact habit and deeply cut  crimson leaves,, pinkish white  button like flowers in mid-summer, very showy, extremely hardy, 8’ x 6’, zone 3

#7 pot                        5’ tree form-                       $79.00

Prunus (Flowering Cherries)

Accolade- Hardier than most flowering cherries, fragrant double pink flowers in spring, 25’ x 25’, zone 5

#7 pot                       6’-8′                                 $79.00

Double Weeping,  graceful form and impressive display of double pink flowers makes this tree one of the best weeping trees, 20’ x 20’,  zone 5

#7 pot                    5’ graft             #1                   $89.00

Kwanzan- Large double pink flowers make it one of the showiest cherries in spring, one of the most popular flowering cherries, orange red fall foliage, vase shaped tree, 30’ x 20’, zone 5

#10 pot                           2”-                                $189.00

Mt. Fuji- Very large double white flowers follow pink buds in early spring,  spreading shaped tree, yellow fall color, 15’ x 20’, zone 5

#10 pot                                    1”                             $89.00

Royal Burgundy- A purle leafed form of Kwanzan cherry, slightly slower than the Kwanzan, flowers are slightly darker in color than Kwanzan, it’s foliage is unique among flowering cherries, a stunning tree, 20’ x 15’, vase shaped, zone 5

B.R.                                        6’-7’                           $89.00

Flowering Plums)

Krauter Vesuvius- This tree is slightly smaller than Thundercloud and more upright in growth habit, dark purple leaves last all summer, single pink flowers in spring, tolerates hot weather, 20’ x 15’, zone 5

B.R.                          6′-7′                     $$51.00

#10 pot           1”                  5’-6’                  $79.00

Thundercloud- Retains it’s deep purple foliage through the growing season, one of the best purple leafed varieties, light pink single flowers 20’ x 20’

B.R.                     6′-7′                      $59.00

#7                           5′-6′                                   $79.00

#10 pot                    #1                6’-7’                $89.00


Mt. St. Helens- A sport of Newport having larger leaves, rich color, and faster growth, dark red leaves hold their color all summer in full sun, small light pink flowers in spring, 20’ x 20’, zone 3

#10 pot                      1 ¼”                  6’-8’                  $89.00

Pyrus (Flowering Pear)


A densely growing, narrow selection  makes this variety suitable for street plantings, clusters of small white flowers cover this tree in spring, 40’ x 15’, fall foliage is reddish, resistant to fireblight,  zone 4

balled                  6′-7′                $89.00

Sorbus (Mountain Ash)

Oak-leaf Mountain Ash- Originating as a hybrid in Scandinavia, this mountain ash has an unusual leaf similar to English oak, Clusters of white flowers produce clusters of large red berries, fall color is rust, 30’ x 20’, zone 3


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