Shade Trees


L.S./N.S. – denotes low or no spray required

Acer freemanii ‘Jeffersred’Autumn Blaze Maple

Very fast growing maple with consistent red fall color, seedless, the most popular tree in the U.S. presently, -40 F hardy, 3’-5’ growth annually common, 50’ x 40’, zone 3
 1″                6′-8′  tall                     $49.00          B.R.
1”                8′-10’  tall                  $89.00         balled
2”               16’ tall                          $199.00       balled

Acer freemanii ‘celebration’
-  Celebration Maple

Rapid growing, uniform growth habit, 45’ x 25’, disease resistant, seedless, fall color red turning gold,  good street tree, zone 4
Stem 1”                         6’-8’ tall                  $69.00           B.R.

Acer freemanii ‘Marmo’- Marmo Maple

Very fast growth 70’ x 35’, fall color varies from red, green, yellow, burgundy, and gold, strong central leader and uniform growth habit, seedless, adapts well to clay soils,
zone 4
                    5′-6 tall             $46.00 & $69.00              B.R.’
                 Stem 1”         8’-10’ tall        $129.00        balled

Acer freemanii ‘Sienna Glen’
- Sienna Glen Maple

Fast growing pyramidal tree, very hardy zone 3, tolerates alkaline soils, strong wood, fall cvolors of burgundy and red
Stem 1        6’-8’ tall,        $89.00            balled

Acer ginnla ‘Flame’- Flame Amur Maple

Medium Growing tree, 15’- 20’ x 12’-15’, likes sun, bright red fall color, naturalizes easily, zone 3
                                                    Shrub form                             5′-6′  tall                                $25.00                    B.R.
                                                    Stem 1”                                    6’-8’ tall                                $80.00                    balled
                                                    Stem 1 3/4″                              6’-8’ tall                                $135.00                    balled

Acer miyabei- State Street Maple

Dark green foliage and interesting gray bark, very heat, drought, salt and pollution tolerant, very adaptable tree, 45’ x 35’, zone 4

Acer platanoides ‘Crimson King’- Crimson King Maple

Deep red/purple leaves all summer, moderate growth, 35’-50’ x 30’-45, zone 4
Stem 1″                               6′-8′                                    $59.99               B.R.
Stem 1”                              6’-8’ tall                            $99.00              balled

Acer platanoides ‘Crimson Sentry Maple’

Narrow growing habit,  30′ x 15′ , Dark red leaves all summer,  great street tree or where a small tree is required
                                                                                3/4″                                   6′-8′                          $59.99                      B.R.
                                                                         Stem 1 1/4″                             6’-8’ tall                  $109.00                     balled

Acer platanoides ‘Drummondii’-
Silver Variegated Norway Maple

Rapid growing tree, 40’-50’ x 30’-40’, variegated leaves produce an airy f
eeling in the garden, zone 4
                        3.4″             6′-8′                     $59.99                B.R.
                      Stem 11/4”                              8’-10’                                       $89.00             balled

Acer platanoides ‘Princeton Gold’- Princeton Gold Maple

Bright golden foliage during the growing season, great contrasting foliage with Crimson King, easy to grow, 45’ x 40’, zone 4

Acer platanoides ‘Royal Red’- Royal Red Maple

Burgundy/red leaves all summer, 40’ x30’,  similar to Crimson King Maple, reported hardier, zone 4

Acer rubrum ‘Autumn Flame’-
Autumn Flame Red Maple

Slower growing  and smaller than other  red maples, 35’ x35’, one of the hardiest, zone 3, red fall color starts earlier and last longer than other red maples
Stem 1 ¾”                  12’-15’ tall                  $139.00               balled

Acer rubrum ‘Bowhall’- Bowhall Red Maple

Rapid growing, columnar shaped tree, good street tree,  40’-50’ x 20’-30’, consistent red fall color,  zone 4

Acer rubrum ‘Burgundy Belle’- Burgundy Belle Maple

45’ x 45’, Brilliant red leaves in fall turn intense burgundy, symmetrical  growth, excellent heat and drought tolerance, zone 4
                                                           Stem 1 ¼”                  10’-12’ tall                $139.00                    balled

Acer rubrum ‘Northwood’ – Red Maple

50’ x 35’, one of the hardiest of the red maples, zone 3, fall color is red and orange, straight trunk and good branching
Stem ¾”                  6’-8’ tall                  $89.00                balled
Stem 1 1/4″             10’-12’ tall             $139.00               balled

Acer rubrum ‘October Glory’- October Glory Red 

Long lasting bright red fall foliage, dark green leathery foliage during hot weather,  very uniform growth habit, 50’x40’, hardy to -25 F, zone 4

                                                     Stem 1″                                             6′-8′  tall                      $59.00     out                B.R.
                                                     Stem 1 1/4″                                    10’-12’ tall                  $139.00                         balled

Acer rubrum ‘Red Sunset”- Red Sunset Red Maple

Rapid growing, pyramidal shape red orange fall color, 45’ x 35’, a standard we judge other red maples by, hardy to -25 F, zone 4
                                                    6′-8′             $59.99                             B.R.
                                                     6′-8′             $79.00                           BALLED
Acer rubrum ‘Autumn Radiance’- Autumn Radiance Red Maple
One of the better new maples, consistent red fall color two weeks earlier than other maples, zone 4
                                                       Stem 1 1/4″                         8’-10’ tall                         OUT

Acer rubrum ‘Brandywine’- Brandywine Red Maple

Seedless red maple, long lasting red fall color gradually turns to brilliant reddish purple, excellent street tree, 25’ x 12’, zone 4
                                                       Stem 2″                                   12′-15′  tall                       $209.00              balled

Acer rubrum ‘Northfire’- Northfire Red Maple

Early brilliant red fall color, trunk of tree is straight, branching habit is good resulting in a great tree for windy areas, 50’ x 40’, zone 3
                                                       Stem 1”                             10’-12’ tall                      $99.00                    balled

Acer rubrum ‘Sun Valley’- Sun Valley Maple

40’ x 35’, Dark green leaves turn bright orange red in fall, colors up late, seedless, zone 4
                                                     Stem ¾”                           6’-8’ tall                        $89.00                   balled

Acer saccharum ‘Fall Fiesta’-
Fall Fiesta Sugar Maple

Fast Growing, strong wood, symmetrical growth, resistant to leaf tatter, sun scald, and frost cracking, Red, orange, and yellow fall color, zone 3, 50’ x 50’
Stem ¾”                                5’-6’ tall                     $79.00        B.R.
                                                    Stem 1”                                    6’-8’ tall                  $129.00       balled
                                                    Stem 2″                                   8′-10′ tall                $199.00      balled

Acer saccharum ‘Majesty’-  Majesty Sugar Maple

Faster than most sugar maples, Symmetrical growth, red and orange in fall, Resistant to frost cracking and sun scald, 50’ x 60’, zone 4
6′-8′                                         $99,00     out                  B.R.
6′-8′                                          $139.00                     Balled

Acer truncatum x Pacific Sunset-  Pacific Sunset Maple

A small compact tree with dark green shiny foliage, 30’ x 25’, yellow orange to red fall color varies with year, good street tree, zone 4
Stem 1 ¼”                  8’-10’ tall                  OUT


Betula nigra ‘Heritage’-  Heritage River Birch-

Rapid growing upright tree, white & brown exfoliating bark is very attractive, resistant to birch borer, tolerates wet conditions, 45’ x 35’, zone  4
Stem 1 ¼”                  8′-10′ tall                  $129.00      balled

Betula nigra ‘Dura Heat’-  Dura Heat  River Birch-   

35’ x 25’, Pyramidal form, Dark green leaves turn butter yellow in fall, creamy white exfoliating bark, very heat  tolerant, likes sun or shade, resistant to birch borer, zone 4


Betula nigra  ‘Fox Valley’-  Fox Valley River Birch- L.S./N.S.

A unique dwarf selection, cinnamon and salmon colored exfoliating bark,  excellent specimen plant or screening plant, birch borer resistant, 10’ x 10’, zone 4

Betula  papyrifera ‘Prairie Dream’-  Prairie Dream Paper Birch

New birch borer resistant from N. Dakota, snow white bark, attractive golden fall foliage, very stress tolerant, 50’ x 40’, zone 2
B.R.                                    5′-6′ tall                  $69.00

Betula papyrifera ‘Renaissance Reflection’- Renaissance Reflection Paper Birch 

Fast growing, white bark, yellow fall color, superior resistance to birch borer, very heat tolerant, 50’ x 20’, zone 3

                                                           3/4″                                  6′-8′                           $69.00             B.R.
                                                                  3/4″                              6′-8′                         $89.00              balled
                                                               Stem 1 ¼”                  6’-8’ tall                  $60.00               balled
                     RAYWOOD ASH
                                                          FRAXINUS ‘RAYWOOD’
                                   6′-8′                                       $69.00                            B.R.
                                     6′-8′                                      $99.00                                 balled


Gleditsia triacanthos ‘Shademaster’-  Shademaster  Honeylocust

Rapid growing, very drought tolerant tree, golden fall foliage, fruitless and thornless 40’ x 30’, zone 4

Gleditsia triacanthos ‘skycole’-  Sunburst Honeylocust

Very drought resistant tree, fruitless and thornless, light shade, new growth bright golden yellow, good xeriscape tree, 30’ x 30’, zone 4
             6;-8′                             $49.99                                B.R.


Populus deltoids ‘Siouxland’-  Siouxland Hybrid Poplar

Rapid growing rounded tree, quick shade, keep away from leach fields and septic systems, 60’ x 40’,  zone 3,
                       6′-8′                      $29.00                                    B.R.

Populus nigra  ‘Afghanica’-  Theves Poplar

Rapid growing upright narrow tree, 60’ x 20’, disease resistant, keep away from leach fields and septic systems, zone 3
                  6′-8′ tall                                    $29.00                       B.R.


Populus tremuloides-  Quaking aspen

Rapid growing upright tree, 50’-60’ x 20’-30-, white bark and trembling leaves making for an outstanding specimen tree, zone 2
                                  5′-6                           $29.00            B.R.
Stem ¾”                  5’-6’ tall                  $49.00            balled
                                                          Stem 1”                     6’-8’ tall                  $59.00            balled
                                                          Stem 21/2″              12′-15′ tall               $159.00          balled

Quercus coccinea-  Scarlet Oak

Rapid growing pyramidal tree, best red fall color of all the oaks, 60’ x 40’, deep roots and strong wood, acorns for wildlife, zone 4
Stem 1”                                    6’-8’ tall                  $129.00               balled

Quercus macrocarpa- Bur Oak

8”-10” leaves on a rugged irregular growing tree, 60’ x 60’, very drought tolerant, yellow fall color, large acorns for wildlife, zone 3
Stem 1”                                    6’-8’ tall                  $129.00              balled

Quercus palustris -  Pin Oak

Broadly pyramidal form, red fall color, strong wood and deep root , rapid grower, acorns for wildlife
1″              6′-8′                      $129.00                  balled

Quercus rubra -  Northern Red Oak

Rapid growing, spreading tree, new growth reddish turning green, 70’ x 60’, good red fall color, zone 4
Stem 1 ”                  8’-10’ tall                  $129.00          balled


Salix alba ‘Trista’-  Golden Weeping Willow

Rapid growing, weeping form, 60’ x 60’, likes sun, tolerates wet conditions, keep away from septic systems, zone 4
Stem 1”                    6’-8’ tall                  $39.00          B.R.

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