Small Fruits


Mary Washington-  most commonly grown commercial variety, productive, male and female plants, long  thick spears, zone 3 – $1.59 ea
Jersey Knight-  Improved, male strain, much larger spears, highly productive, zone 3 –   $1 79 ea.


Triple Crown
-  Thornless variety, very large firm berries ( 1” x ¾”),  sweet flavor, large semi –erect canes, zone 5
BR. $10.95        #5 —$26.99
Thornless Boysenberry-  very large non- shiny dark maroon berries, aromatic, distinct flavor, easy to trellis, good producer, zone 5
3 gal- $26.99           B.R.—    $9.99
Marion Blackberry-  One of the finest flvored of the blackberries, highly flavored, semi erect canes with thorns, good producer, great jams and jellies
      B.R.       $9.95

#1  2 yr. plants- $14.99 ea           3 yr. plants    $22.99

Blueberries require cross pollination –  plant 2 different varieties
Bluecrop – Mid season ripening, large high quality fruit, consistant high yields, 4’-6’, zone 4
Blueray -  Old time favorite, mid-season variety, heavy producer of large high quality berries, good dessert berry, likes hot summers and cold winters, 5 feet  tall, zone 4
Chandler – Mid to late ripening season, sweet delicious flavor, the largest berry with fruit the size of cherries, long ripening period extends picking, height 5’-6’, zone 4
Earliblue -  The first to ripen, large light blue sweet berries, productive and easy to grow,  zone 5
Northland -  Early/mid season, the most cold hardy variety we grow, very productive with medium sized blue berries, 4’ x 4’ , easy to grow , very sweet berries, zone 3
Patriot -  An early variety that consistently bears large highly flavored fruit, dark blue fruit, 4’ tall and spreading habit, zone 3
Spartan -  Early, one of the best flavored varieties of all, very large light blue berries, tangy sweet flavor, 5’-6’, zone 5
Bluecrop –  Comercial variety, highly productive,  Mid-season, great flavor, zone 3
   Blueray- Comercial variety with great flavor, Matures mid-season Hardy to -30 F


 Primus White Currant-  Heavy producer, flavor is sweetest of all currants, high vit. C, zone 3 
               #3—-$22.99              B.R.    $9.95
Cherry Red Currant- Large dark red fruit, acid flavor, mildew resistant, zone 3
#3 GAL –  $22.99                   B.R.       $9.95
Black Currants–  Large black berries, Mild flavor, great pies and jams
                       #3 POTS     #22,99          B.R.    $9.95


Poorman- The largest of  all gooseberries
Welcome-  Red when ripe, very large slightly acidic but still good from the bush, great cooking, zone 3
Josta- Large black berries. A cross between a black currant and gooseberry, fruit ripens in June and turns black, zone 3
#3 POT       $18.99

Grapes- seedless

Black Minukka- A blue/black early grape, large loose clusters of medium size berries, sweet  crisp taste with tender skin, -10F hardy 
#2 pot-    $16.99
Canadice-  Long large clusters of medium  size firm pink fruit, excellent sweet spicy flavor zone
BR.- $10.99                  #2 pot- $16.99
Einset- A medium oval bright red oval berry on medium sized clusters, fine fruity flavor, flesh  tender and firm, stores well, zone 4
B.R.      10.99         #2 pot-  $16.99
Glenora-  Well filled clusters, medium size bluish black berries, smooth skin sweet spicy flesh, ripens August
BR.- $10.99                  #2 pot- $16.99
Himrod- Long loose clusters of medium size fruit, oval golden yellow berries, crisp skin, sweet and juicy
BR.-  $10.99
#2 pot–$16.99


Lakemont–White seedless, cross between Himrod and Interlaken, medium bundles and medium berries, good table and good raisins.  zone 5 hardy,  $16.99 # 2 pot


Grape Reliance

Venessa seedless-  Red seedless with distinct flavor, hardy to zone 4, medium bundles with medium berries, good table, juice and deserts.  #2 pot $16.99


Grape Glenora  Concord- A blue/black grape with large clusters of large slip-skin berries with sweet, fruity, foxy, distinct  flavor, zone 4   BR.-      $8.99                  #2 pot-  $17.00

Gewurztraminer- An early ripening pinkish/red grape, medium size clusters of small berries, firm,spicy aromatic, sweet fruit, zone 5
B.R.        $9.00               #2 pot              $17.00
Merlot- A deep black mid season grape, medium large clusters of long conical berries, distinct red wine of Bordeaux variety, zone 5
B.R.    $9.00
Muscat Ottenel- A sweet flowery, perfumed flavored white grape, makes a clean fresh flavored sweet white wine, zone 5
BR.-  $9.00
Niagara-  An old time white variety,  large loose clusters of sweet tangy large berries, refered to as white concord grape, great juice and wine, zone 4
                                                                                                                                                                                          BR.         $9.00                  #2 pot-  $17.00


Autumn Britten- An everbearing red raspberry, very large berry that is highly flavored, zone 4

A spring bearing red raspberry, canes are thornless, firm berry with exceptional flavor, zone 4
BR.-  $4.49
Heritage- An everbearing raspberry, large, sweet and dark red, mild flavor,, zone 4
BR.-  $4.49
Munger- A Black raspberry (black cap), large firm black berries, highly flavored, zone 5
B.R.               $8.99
#2 pot-         $12.00


Ever Sweet- Day neutral variety (true everbearing), highly flavored long conical fruit, produces well  all summer into fall, heat tolerant similar to Hecker, zone 4
$10.99      for       10
Hecker- A day neutral (true everbearing) strawberry, one of the most flavorful berries, red to the core, medium/large size, very productive, runner producer, zone 4
$10.99       for    10
Tri Star- Day neutral variety, excellent flavor, medium size berries, low runner producer, very adaptable to  all climates, very hardy zone 3
$10.99            for    10
Albion-  A new day neutral swtrawberry wuth large uniform fruit.  Has a sweet robust flavor and rich red color.  One of the largest day neutral                                                                                              strawberries we handle.   Zone 4.
                                                                                              $10.99                for      10

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